Weekly Meetings

November 7, 2023


Attention Board: Since do not have a meeting on November 21st, due to Thanksgiving, the board meeting has been moved to November 28th.

Guests: As we know, Neal Cohen with KRDO is retiring at the end of the year. He kindly brought his replacement Roger Siverson to the group this morning. Our speaker, Randy Geving, brought Melonie Cray to assist him with his presentation on Commercial Insurance.

Ray Whitcomb of Remove Junk Now is having a Birthday / Art Bash from 4 pm – 9 pm. He will display his artistic creations. Please let him know if you are able to attend.

Shelly Shepherd announced her10th year anniversary celebration taking place Tuesday, November 14th from 5 pm – 8 pm. Please RSVP.

Just a friendly reminder that our “Think Leads” and “Thank You’s” sheets should be filled out with complete information. Since have numerous members that share the same first it becomes confusing as to who you mean and without a business name or last name to help, I can’t note it.

After you do your craft talk, the following week you’ll introduce the next speaker, and the week after that you’ll greet the members of the group. It is wonderful to have a phone conversation to get the details for the introduction but even better if you can meet face to face. Our group is about deepening these relationships that make us all better Prospectors.

Let’s grow! Think about business owners that you know who own a business that is the best in their business category and invite them to attend. We would love to increase our membership in 2023!


BandfieldArthur, Harris, Ottoes
BennettL. Martin, K. Heun
BlairHarris, Cohen
BucherGeving, Fleming, Amerine
G. CopelinSenger
M. CopelinBennett
DahlbergJones, Burns
DoneganMerrion, Stewart, Perkins, Ottoes
GevingJones, Cohen, Corbell, Ward
OttoesL. Martin
PalisJones, Cook
RaileyT. Heun, Merrion, Shepard, Whitcomb, Duru x 3, Oliver, Bandfield
ShepardCalabrese, Blair
TannerJones, Reinmuth, Ward
WilliamsReinmuth, Lebel


Bennett The new owners of “Superior Cleaners” have rebranded to be called 24/7 Cleaners. Their hours are 9 am – 5 pm.
CookTacos y Tortes at 4423 Centennial Blvd.
DoneganUSOPC (United States Olympic Paraplegic Committee) Sports Center. Bryan Construction, Scott Villane is the contact person for the locker & restroom remodel.
GevingColorado Living was sold recently. They did bathroom remodels. I have contact for new owners.
MerrionElevation Metal is expanding to 685 County Line Road in Palmer Lake.
WilliamsMr. Cooper – major mortgage laner was victim of a cybercrime.

Thank You

AutryGeving, BLair, Ward, Lebel
ArthurDuru, Amerine
BandfieldRailey, Palis
BlairCohen, Harris, Ottoes, G. Copelin
BucherGeving, Rob (which one?)
BurnsJ. Martin, Oliver, Cook
CalabreseBennett, Geving
DahlbergBurns, Jones, Stewart, Bradley
DoneganStewart, Perkins, Ottoes
DufaudArthur, Harris, Blair
DuruArthur, Goss
GevingWard, Donegan, Jones, Corbell, Burns, Cohen, Autry
K. HeunMerrion, T. Heun, Dufaud, Murphy, Railey
T. HeunFleming, Taylor
L. MartinCorbell
OliverRailey, Dufaud, Ottoes
RaileyDuru, T. Heun, Merrion, Bandfield
ShepardCalabrese, Goss
StewartCampbell, Jones
TannerJones, Whitcomb, J. Martin
WhitcombTanner, Railey


BrickellCampbellG. CopelinM. Copelin
FoxJ. MartinMurphyOsinski