Board Minutes

Board Minutes May 16, 2023

Board Minutes

Prospector Association Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board: Rob Amerine
President: John Autry
Vice President: Karole Campbell
Treasurer: Steve Dufaud
Secretary: Karen Heun

Board members present: Rob Amerine, John Autry, Karole Campbell, Steve Dufaud, Karen Heun, Neil Arthur, Randy Geving, Bob Goss, Ty Taylor, Bud Bandfield, Brian Bennett, Greg Jones

Absent: None

Quorum: Yes

Discussion and Action:


Shelly Shepherd with Harmonize Brain Centers has applied to join Prospectors and was interviewed by John Autry. After discussing her application, Karole Campbell made a motion to approve her membership with a second by Rob Amerine. All voting members present approved. John Autry to reach out to let her know.

Old Business:

Updating the Tri-Fold, and the BBB’s status in the group were not discussed today.


The website continues to be a work in progress with most of the bugs worked out. Karen is now getting all of the emails from the website.

Our next meeting will be June 20, 2023.