Board Minutes

Board Minutes Mar. 21, 2023

Board Minutes

Prospector Association Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board: Rob Amerine
President: John Autry
Vice President: Karole Campbell
Treasurer: Steve Dufaud
Secretary: Karen Heun

Board members present: Rob Amerine, John Autry, Karole Campbell, Steve Dufaud, Karen Heun, Neil Arthur, Bob Goss, Ty Taylor, Bud Bandfield, Greg Jones, Randy Geving, Brian Bennett

Absent: None

Quorum: Yes

Discussion and Action:


John Autry mentioned some categories that would be great additions to the group: Jewelers, paint company, and lock smith. Tony Ellis of Tecc Painting was interested at one point and Greg Jones confirmed that he still is interested. John Autry has his contact information and will contact him to confirm. Revolution Jewelry Works (Jennifer Farnes) was an option for a jeweler, but Karole doesn’t know if they would be interested. Knows them well so will reach out, John Autry also knows them and will also reach out.

Bill Plummer, American Lock & Key, will have his last meeting next week. The new owner is not interested in joining the group. We are all sad to see him go.

The BBB has not had a representative attending Prospectors Association. Karen reported that Karla Wink is willing to attend and has been promoted to corporate advertising sales. Karole Campbell said she would call Jonathan Liebert and Karla Wink to see about their attendance in the group.

Terry Williams remains on a leave of absence due to knee surgery. Eileen Wolff attended for him today and reported that the surgery went well. He will be out till April 10th or 17th, contingent on his recovery.

Old Business:

Updating the Tri-Fold. John Autry said he would reach out to Mike Bucher to find out details on how often we should update it but did not report on that today.


The website continues to be a work in progress. Rob Amerine to take a look at the Member of the Week scrolling pictures as the current link is broken. Everything else seems to be working well.

Our next meeting will be April 18, 2023.