Board Minutes

Board Minutes Dec. 20, 2022

Board Minutes

Prospector Association Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board: Terry Williams
President: Rob Amerine
Vice President: John Autry
Treasurer: Steve Dufaud
Secretary: Karen Heun

Board members present: Terry Williams, Rob, Amerine, John Autry, Steve Dufaud, Karen Heun, Karole Campbell, Jennifer Railey, Bud Bandfield, Brian Bennett, Tom Perkins, Greg Jones

Absent: None

Guests: Neil Arthur, Ty Taylor, Bob Goss, Randy Geving

Quorum: Yes

Discussion and Action:

Attendance and Membership:

Going into the new year, Jonathan Kuiper, will no longer be a member. To keep the category Karen Heun will bring the account up to date. Either from Jonathan Kuiper or by paying it herself.

Dr. Jessica Duru has applied for a leave of absence after the birth of her baby. Requested dates are January 17th – March 7th. If Dawn Bagaason may be able to attend some if the meetings in her absence if staffing allows. Karole Campbell made a motion to approve, seconded by Terry Williams. All voting members present agreed. Motion carried.


Karen Heun is still working with Matt Palis to work through little things to get the website working smoothly. Matt incorporated a new password reset module which seems to be working well.


Reviewed two accounts that need to be brought up to date.

Our next meeting will be December 20, 2022.