Board Minutes

Board Minutes August 16 2022

Board Minutes

Prospector Association Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board: Terry Williams
President: Rob Amerine
Vice President: John Autry
Treasurer: Steve Dufaud
Secretary: Karen Heun

Board members present: Rob Amerine, Steve Dufaud, Karen Heun, Karole Campbell, Jennifer Railey, Joe Arant, Bud Bandfield, Greg Jones, Tom Perkins

Absent: Terry Williams, John Autry, Brian Bennett

Quorum: Yes

Discussion and Action:

Attendance and Membership:

Cesar Quinones of FBG Facility Services submitted his application on August 9th and is being sponsored by Joe Arant our Membership Chair. Cesar is seeking membership under the Commercial Cleaning/Janitorial category. He will be interviewed by Karole Campbell and Tom Perkins.


The website is still under production and should be ready soon. Rob Amerine to see if Matt Palis can do a member orientation on the 30th of August. He will be adding videos to the site to instruct the members on how to manage their profile information.


Steve sent the financials out to the board, there were no areas of concern at this time.

Our next meeting will be September 20th.