Board Minutes August 16 2022

Board Minutes

Board Minutes August 16 2022

Prospector Association Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board: Terry Williams
President: Rob Amerine
Vice President: John Autry
Treasurer: Steve Dufaud
Secretary: Karen Heun

Board members present: Rob Amerine, Steve Dufaud, Karen Heun, Karole Campbell, Jennifer Railey, Joe Arant, Bud Bandfield, Greg Jones, Tom Perkins

Absent: Terry Williams, John Autry, Brian Bennett

Quorum: Yes

Discussion and Action:

Attendance and Membership:

Cesar Quinones of FBG Facility Services submitted his application on August 9th and is being sponsored by Joe Arant our Membership Chair. Cesar is seeking membership under the Commercial Cleaning/Janitorial category. He will be interviewed by Karole Campbell and Tom Perkins.


The website is still under production and should be ready soon. Rob Amerine to see if Matt Palis can do a member orientation on the 30th of August. He will be adding videos to the site to instruct the members on how to manage their profile information.


Steve sent the financials out to the board, there were no areas of concern at this time.

Our next meeting will be September 20th.

Weekly Meetings

September 13, 2022

Joe Arant announced this morning that he has taken a job with Focus on the Family in their Planned Giving department. He brought Jonathan Liebert and Uriko Stout (Sales Manager) with him today. We will miss seeing you Joe, but our wishes for great success go with you.

We still have several slots to fill for speakers. Please log into the Sign-Up Genius to reserve your slot.

We are looking for a new membership chair, so if you are interested in this role, see Rob Amerine and Karen Heun



Golden Corral at 1970 Waynoka Road is opening again.
Ruskin Liquor at 3784 Airport Road, Gasper Martinez.
Garden of the Gods is remodeling various areas of the resort. Colarelli Construction is the 2nd general contractor pricing the work. Art Klein also priced this project.
Endodontist needs temporary space in a dental space until City of Colorado Springs gets utilities to the development.
City Rock is building a climbing gym at Foothills Farm by Scheels. Will start in the 4th Quarter.


Arant Thank you all for the honor to be a part of Prospectors for the past 3 years. It has been awesome to serve the BBB and I have enjoyed being a part of this incredible group!
Autry Amerine, Ward
Blair Amerine
Bennett Lebel
Bucher Campbell, Dufaud, Fleming, Calabrese
Cimino Heun, Taylor, Reinmuth, Palis, Duru
Cohen Fox
Dahlberg Rubin, Jones, Cimino
Dufaud Harris, Prince, Oliver, Plummer
Duru Autry, Ward, Tidswell
Fox Cohen, Amerine-Great party!
Geving Dufaud, Donegan, Waldron, Ward
Goss Amerine-Great 40th Celebration.
Harris Blair
Heun Duru, Amerine, Fox, Donegan, Bucher
Liebert Thank you, Joe Arant, for nearly 3 years
of service.
Oliver Dufaud, Fleming, Ottoes, Bandfield
Osinski Railey, Fleming, Campbell
Prince Duru, Jones, Palis
Railey Duru, Fox, Dufaud, Rubin, Jones,
Corbell, Palis
Reinmuth Cimino
Tanner Rubin, Arant, J. Martin, Reinmuth
Tidswell Merrion, Bandfield
Ward Reinmuth


Arthur Burns Cook G. Copelin
M. Copelin Corbell Fleming Jones
Kuiper Lohse Mann J. Martin
Ottoes Palis Perkins Rubin
Stewart Williams